Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Time

It's time that I write again. I've been slacking in the blogging department over the last year. It's probably not hard to believe, but I am somewhat of a narcissistic personality (Thanks Dad!). The last year for Eric and I has had more down than ups, more bumps than smooth road, but as we kept pushing through all the road blocks being thrown at us, and that keep coming; we are learning and growing, and becoming closer than ever before.

As many already know from my previous blogging, Eric was laid off from Best Buy exactly 1 year ago in April. He was temporarily hired with an IT networking company but this company as well, was struggling in the economy, lost some big contracts and Eric was once again let go 2 months after being hired. Eric was devastated. He really was excited to jump into the IT world, something that just comes so natural to him. So once again we were back to a one income family. Fortunately things were opposite for me. I was given more opportunities at work for leadership. Being charge nurse, accepting  nursing students for practicums, helping with the hiring process, going to speak easies at the hospital to talk about improvements, upon many pay raises and extra shift differentials and opportunity for overtime, Eric and I have sailed right through the burden of a crappy economy. We've been blessed to be able to pay off some debt, put money into savings, continue to pay tithing, and have plenty of money for all our needs and some of our wants.

This same year, Eric and I have been battling infertility issues. For 3 years, Eric and I have been trying to conceive without any success, not even a close call. In January I said, "ENOUGH" and called to schedule an appointment with an fertility specialist in our area. The BEST of the BEST I heard. We had to wait a month just for our initial evaluation, and then all the testing began. Blood work all month long, semen samples, ultrasounds, and next will be the HSG. Through the testing I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Vitamin D deficiency, and I've recently been refereed to an enterologist, to begin treatment. We are hoping that soon we will know our whole treatment plan and whats in store for our future, but infertility is no joke. It's hard, depressing, every month you wait and wait torturing yourself over whether or not you are going to start your period. Months feel like years. No one truly understands how you feel unless they've been through it themselves.  Pictures of pregnancies and babies make you cry rather than smile. But we have hope and keep the faith that our turn to be parents is right around the corner. We know Heavenly Father has a plan for our family, and we are trying to navigate through all the mist and fog right now to stay on coarse.

To add to our hard and depressing year we also ended up hang to pay an unexpected $2,000 in taxes this year due to Eric's severance package that was not properly taxed by his past employers.

So here is the good part of our story. We have 2 amazing families and support systems between us. I talk to my sister almost every day because she also is struggling with infertitlty and knows how I feel. We have some great doctors, and a great church family. As we continue to go through all life has to throw at us, we will continue to love each other and when I have a hard day, Eric is sweet and kind, and vice versa on Eric's hard days. We are there for each other all the way, and with Heavenly Father on our side, nothing is impossible. I want to thank everyone who has helped lift us up through the last year. We LOVE you! Thank you for all the support. We know we are truly blessed.

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  1. Oh, Lesley. Thank you for writing about your life and how it really is. I'm so sorry that you guys have had a tough year, and that you are continuing to struggle in getting where you want in life. I pray that God will show you His plan, and that He would order your steps in order that you tangibly feel the overwhelming love He has for you. I pray that if it is His will, He will bless you with a child, and Nina too. In the meantime, continue to lean into Him. I love you, Leah C.