Monday, March 30, 2015

It's Time

It's time that I write again. I've been slacking in the blogging department over the last year. It's probably not hard to believe, but I am somewhat of a narcissistic personality (Thanks Dad!). The last year for Eric and I has had more down than ups, more bumps than smooth road, but as we kept pushing through all the road blocks being thrown at us, and that keep coming; we are learning and growing, and becoming closer than ever before.

As many already know from my previous blogging, Eric was laid off from Best Buy exactly 1 year ago in April. He was temporarily hired with an IT networking company but this company as well, was struggling in the economy, lost some big contracts and Eric was once again let go 2 months after being hired. Eric was devastated. He really was excited to jump into the IT world, something that just comes so natural to him. So once again we were back to a one income family. Fortunately things were opposite for me. I was given more opportunities at work for leadership. Being charge nurse, accepting  nursing students for practicums, helping with the hiring process, going to speak easies at the hospital to talk about improvements, upon many pay raises and extra shift differentials and opportunity for overtime, Eric and I have sailed right through the burden of a crappy economy. We've been blessed to be able to pay off some debt, put money into savings, continue to pay tithing, and have plenty of money for all our needs and some of our wants.

This same year, Eric and I have been battling infertility issues. For 3 years, Eric and I have been trying to conceive without any success, not even a close call. In January I said, "ENOUGH" and called to schedule an appointment with an fertility specialist in our area. The BEST of the BEST I heard. We had to wait a month just for our initial evaluation, and then all the testing began. Blood work all month long, semen samples, ultrasounds, and next will be the HSG. Through the testing I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Vitamin D deficiency, and I've recently been refereed to an enterologist, to begin treatment. We are hoping that soon we will know our whole treatment plan and whats in store for our future, but infertility is no joke. It's hard, depressing, every month you wait and wait torturing yourself over whether or not you are going to start your period. Months feel like years. No one truly understands how you feel unless they've been through it themselves.  Pictures of pregnancies and babies make you cry rather than smile. But we have hope and keep the faith that our turn to be parents is right around the corner. We know Heavenly Father has a plan for our family, and we are trying to navigate through all the mist and fog right now to stay on coarse.

To add to our hard and depressing year we also ended up hang to pay an unexpected $2,000 in taxes this year due to Eric's severance package that was not properly taxed by his past employers.

So here is the good part of our story. We have 2 amazing families and support systems between us. I talk to my sister almost every day because she also is struggling with infertitlty and knows how I feel. We have some great doctors, and a great church family. As we continue to go through all life has to throw at us, we will continue to love each other and when I have a hard day, Eric is sweet and kind, and vice versa on Eric's hard days. We are there for each other all the way, and with Heavenly Father on our side, nothing is impossible. I want to thank everyone who has helped lift us up through the last year. We LOVE you! Thank you for all the support. We know we are truly blessed.

Friday, May 30, 2014

New Job, New Career

Looks like we'll be staying in bama a little longer! Eric just landed a job with an IT company here in Mobile, AL. called STI. This will be an entirely new field for Eric to work in, but something he has been wanting to jump into for a long time. As some of you know, Eric was laid off from Best Buy do to downsizing of management about 2 months ago. We knew it was probably a blessing in disguise when it first happened, but it doesn't relieve the stress of going from a 2 income household to a 1 income household. Luckily Eric received a nice severance package. A girl in our ward works for a head hunters group that helps line up jobs for people. Eric was able to link up with her and together they were able to get hime this job. 7am-4pm, monday-friday, weekends and holidays off, I'm not sure if Eric will know what to do with himself. He also will get a company car, which happens to be a 2012 Toyota Tacoma, so Eric is pretty thrilled about that. We feel so blessed that he has a chance to start a new career in his chosen field. Thanks to all our friends and families for the prayers. We are blessed.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Because of Him

Easter is a really special Holiday for Eric and I. Not just for the obvious reasons, the Resurrection and Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ, but as fate may have it, it is when Eric and I began to fall in love. In April 2009, wow that sounds like a long time ago, I was finishing up Junior year of college, and decided I would travel home to Alabama for the Summer semester. Years past were not good to me, and I vowed never to stay in Rexburg another summer just because I had feelings for a boy. Eric was in a steady relationship over the last couple semesters, though it was an unhealthy and unstable relationship, he was committed. We were friends, as always, but a day or two before Easter I packed up my car and my friends, Sydney and Steffaney, and we were headed down south to the land of the pines. Eric called me the night before I left and asked me to come by his apartment the morning I was supposed to leave for just a minute. The next morning about 6 am I knocked on his door. He opened the door holding a beautiful white Easter basket filled with goodies. I thanked him, we said our goodbyes, hugged, he gave me a huge map of the country, and told me to drive safe. That was it. I hopped in the car and we drove, and drove, and drove. Somewhere in Nebraska I got tired of driving and Sydney took over the wheel. I jumped in the back seat and laid down. I can't fall asleep in cars, yeah its weird, call me paranoid, but I laid there staring at this giant eater basket trying to figure out why Eric would give me this. I began thumbing through the goodies; candy, a Nik Day CD for the road, a book...a BooK? The title of the book was Beloved Emma, The Illustrated Life Story of Emma Smith. If you know me then you know one thing, I love to buy books, but I hate to read. My attention span is short and before you know I am dead asleep with a book in my hand. Well, I picked up the book. As I opened it and thumbed through the pages, a hand written letter fell from the pages. I opened it and read this beautiful heart felt letter written by Eric, apologizing for the last couple semesters, and for how our friendship had been altered do to his relationship. He shared his heart and soul on those pages, and thanked me for never leaving and giving up on our friendship. I immediately knew then that Eric and I had a connection that couldn't be broken. The summer went on and Eric's relationship ended, and we reconnected again. By the following Easter Eric and I were dating, and this time I wrote him the letter. I told Eric how he had changed my life, made me happy, and how in love with him I was. Over the years Eric and I would continue the demonstrate our love every Easter with hand written letters and flowers. I think Eric even orchestrated a plan with my roommates and snuck into my bedroom while I was gone and left a beautiful jewelry box and my favorite flowers, gardenias. To us Easter is much more sentimental to us then Valentines day, and now almost 3 years into our marriage, and sealed for time and all eternity to my best friend since Freshman year of college, I couldn't imagine life any other way.

Because of him, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who made all things possible through the Atonement, through his suffering in the garden of Gethsemene, and on the cross. Because of him I know I will be with my husband forever, I will be with my family forever, and through him and by him I can be forgiven of all my sins and shortcomings. I can be comforted, loved, carried along the way when needed, and helped by my older brother to make it home to my Father in home who loves me. He heard and answered my prayers, even though I was just a young college girl, praying for love, praying for a friend. Because of him, I have it all. And this morning as I was sitting in my sunroom, reading old hand written Easter letters that Eric and I have written to each other over the years, I felt an overwhelming love from my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for my knowledge and testimony of the gospel, and for the sacrifice made for me and all mankind. And though I have trials and tribulations, though I may cry at times, and be imperfect, because of him, I am whole. I am loved, I am saved.  To all my friends and family who may read this, Happy Easter, and try to remember the real reason for the season, and the One who gave all. Happy Easter

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

To be 26...

Yes, I made it to 26! I'm feeling, well, OLD. Though I look back on the 26 years that got me to where I am now, and I have so much to be grateful for. I may be approaching 30 faster than I'd like, but I know I have so many amazing things to look forward to in the years to come.

I spent a wonderful Birthday with my husband, family, and friends. The Sunday before my Birthday, my bestie, Brittany, cooked dinner for me. It's always nice to have some girl time. This year my Birthday landed on a Wednesday, so I took a few days off work, as my present to myself. Eric took a couple days off as well so we could enjoy the week. I woke up that morning to breakfast in bed by mine truly, Eric truly is the most thoughtful man any woman could wish for as a husband. Then I opened some Birthday Presents! Eric gave me a Silhouette Cameo, with some extra's. I've wanting one for sometime now. Then he took me to Michael's, and I bought lots of paper and vinyl to practice with. He and I enjoyed lunch together, and then went to visit my dad. Dad is still recovering from some surgery complications and is currently at a rehab facility in Daphne. Eric and I ran into my SIL and nephew visiting too. Eric took me shopping in the afternoon for pillows for our new couch, and wanted to buy me a reading chair, but I drew a line. He was spoiling me too much, hahaha. That afternoon Eric and I went to pick up my Birthday cake he special ordered and designed. I felt like I was 6 again because he wouldn't let me see my cake until my party that night.

For dinner, all my family, minus dad, :( met us at Laps Seafood House on the causeway (right on the Bay...sooooooo pretty) for dinner. We ate delicious seafood, fried green tomatoes (my favorite),  and cut the cake. I got spoiled with gifts and money. I such an amazing family and rang in my 26th year of birth in style! So blessed!! I look forward to all the many adventures this next year will bring!

And the very Best gift of all....

My niece and nephew, Brooklyn and Rhett singing Happy Birthday!!! Miss these guys so much!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Time Is Here

We enjoyed another magical Christmas this year. We stayed close to home this year for Christmas. Eric spoiled me rotten as usual, and I had fun spoiling him to. We went and got our tree for a local tree farm down the road from our home. It is probably my favorite tree thus far. It is huge and fat, full of pine needles, and smells amazing. Eric and I had fun decorating it. We went for a more rustic Christmas tree this year. Burlap and white lights. Every Christmas Eric and I exchange ornaments. Something meaningful that represents an event that occurred over the last year. This year the ornament was a turtle dove, signifying peace and joy. We have had such a remarkable 2013; Full of accomplishments and memories. We enjoyed celebrating with the family Christmas day, eating Christmas dinner, and enjoying the company of loved ones. Dad spent Christmas in the hospital sedated and on the ventilator following complications from a surgery. We missed him dearly, and pray for him daily. He is now out of ICU and making progress to a full recovery.

Eric Christmas morning

Me Christmas Morning

My niece Allie at Nanny's house

Thomas and Allie

Thomas, he always lets me take pictures of him...such a good sport.

Mom and ED

My brother Eric and Rebecca with Thomas..Allie MIA

Allie has more fun playing with my phone than her toys.

The newest addition to the family. Aiden Lawrence Winberg!

Uncle Eric is gonna be such a good daddy one day.

The proud new parents made it home from the hospital Christmas day!!

Thanksgiving Dinner

This year for Thanksgiving Both Eric and I had to work. So we celebrated Thanksgiving this year the day before Thanksgiving. Eric and I invited my dad over to our place to share Thanksgiving with. We did it right and had all the Thanksgiving goodies: ham, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, rolls, green bean casserole, and dad brought the sweet potato casserole. And Thanksgiving would not be Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie for dessert. Yumm!!! I didn't take many pictures this year, but when I find them I'll attach them. :)


Well, it's been far too long since I updated this blog. Mostly I've been putting it off and finding excuse after excuse, but it is time to fill the world in to what the Hale family has been up to the last few months. Starting with Halloween, Eric and I were invited to several Halloween parties this year, but due to our work schedules we weren't able to make it to any parties. However we did make it to the ward Halloween party. I've been waiting for the opportunity to dress up like a character from one of my favorite TV shows. This year I dressed up as "A" from the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars. I'm kinda obsessed with the show really. I have the theme song to the show as my ring tone, the same text tone as "A" (yes I'm really this obsessed), and our fish is named Fitz (you kinda have to watch the show to understand). I probably spent way too much money on the red coat for my costume, but it has actually been a nice addition to add my to my other obsession, jackets, hahahah. Eric went as a pirate this year. He has had the costume sitting in his closet since college and has never worn it. So he finally put it to good use this year and dressed up. He even let me put some makeup (eyeliner) on him, Johnny Depp style to had some drama to the costume. We had a blast with the youth at the party, and enjoyed dinner and the trunk or treat.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Eric and I are moving out of my mom's house we've been renting over the last year. She is getting married and preparing to sell the house. Plus, Eric and I's belongings have been sitting in storage over the last year and it's time to pull them out again and be among our own stuff again! We didn't want to buy a house just yet because we really don't know how much longer we want to stay living in Alabama and are trying to keep our options open. Ideally Eric and I would like to move back to Idaho…so if the opportunity presents itself we'll take it. In the mean time found a super nice 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in Spanish Fort, AL. that we are moving into next weekend. We have quite a bit of purchases that will need to be made because we sold most of our larger items before we moved cross country from SLC, Ut. to Daphne, AL. We need a new TV, Chairs for our dining table, and a washer and dryer. We also want to sell our couch and buy a larger one…thinking a nice comfy sectional. We also are in need of a second car, so we've been car shopping too. Eric has been driving my dad's car for the last few months and we are ready to return the car he so graciously lent us and get Eric a good reliable car. He has his heart set on a truck or SUV, which I would love too! Since we already have a smaller compact Toyota corolla that gets great gas mileage, and Eric could literally walk to work from where we will be living. Plus having an SUV would be good for our outdoorsy lifestyle. We need a larger vehicle to toe bikes, kayaks, and whatever else. We are looking for a good deal so if you know of any let us know. Other than that my new job is going well, other than the complete information overload I have been experiencing. Eric is always busy with work as well, and works a lot off the clock at home now too. We are looking forward to listening to General Conference next weekend. We listening to a prophet's voice.

I have attached some pictures of the model apartment that we will be moving into. The apartment is beautiful. We will be on the 3rd floor over looking the pool and will be steps away from the awesome fitness room, wifi internet bar, and beautiful clubhouse. We can't have our own grill there due to safety code so its good we will also be right next to the pool area where the brand new gas grills are for us to use.
This is a picture of the pool, which is amazing and has one of the beach walk ins. I also like this picture because our apartment we are moving into is the one on the top floor overlooking the pool. I'm also excited to be on the top floor because we get to have vaulted ceilings. 

This is a view of the living room if you are standing in the sunrrom…yes we have sunroom!!! How cool is that!!! It is just an extension off the living room but it has lots of windows and a lot of natural light!

A glimpse of the opposite side of the living room and sunroom

The kitchen and dining room isn't as big as some of the other apartments we looked at, but it is still a good size, and since we get a discount on rent because of where Eric works, we get this brand new beautiful apartment for the cheapest price in the entire area of 2 bdrms available.

The Master bdrm! You have the beautiful on-suite bathroom, super high ceilings which I love and huge walk-in closets!

The guest bathroom! excited to have 2 full baths. In our last apartment we only had a 1 bdrm and 1 bath…and you had to walk through the master to get to the bathroom which was awkward when we had guest. So we are happy with the extra full bath.

The 2nd bdrm is massive and almost bigger than the master!!!!! I love it!!!!! It also has huge windows, high ceilings and a walk in closet as well. It also has an on-suite bathroom! Ooo la la!

We are excited to move!!! With a second bdrm we will be ready for visitors in no time…that reminds me…hahaha we need to buy a second bed hahaha…oh man!!! If furniture wasn't so expensive!!! hahaha

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Keep Calm & Nurse On

It's official!!!! Lesley Nicole Hale, RN, BSN! That's right….I have initials after my name now!!!! I took my NCLEX last Tuesday, which is the National certification test for all nurses! The very next day I think I checked the website every 5 minutes. I kept checking but the results had not posted by 9 AM like I heard they would be. I walked from my bedroom to the kitchen to get a glass of water and then back to the bedroom. In a matter of a minute or two, I already had 2 missed phone calls and a text message from a friend congratulating me! I freaked out called my friend and she told me she just checked the website and saw my name pulled up as a registered nurse!!!! I just screamed I was soooooo excited! $25,000 dollars for one year of school all relied on me passing this test! It was such a relief to know it had all been worth it! I will never have to experience the stress of studying for and taking the NCLEX again because its a National Cert. If we move back out west eventually like we want to, I just have to send in paperwork and pay to be licensed in that state.

I also really need to pass this test because I recently just landed a job at the only Trauma 1 hospital in our area, The University of South Alabama Medical Center. I was hired as an RN for the 3rd floor, which is a "VIP" Med/Surge floor, but basically we get all the post-op cardiac patients, post-op Bariatric patients, and all other different patients. The staff on that floor are GREAT! Lucky for me while performing my practicum at this same hospital in the Burn Center, I was pulled to the 3rd floor one day to work, and I got to experience what this floor had to offer! My nurse manager is wonderful and I am so excited to be working for someone I like so much. I have completed all my drug and background checks, and filled out lots of paperwork and just got my badge made on Thursday. I start orientation tomorrow and will spend the rest of the week in it. The following week I will begin orienting on the floor I'll be working on, and get to start working with patients again! I am so excited to get to improve all my nursing skills!

I am so grateful to my husband and family who made it all possible for me to go back to school to advance my education! I never thought I would end up going the nursing route but I have been so blessed throughout the last year, and I am so excited to start bringing in the big bucks hahaha… well big bucks to me! Going from two incomes to one income the last year was very hard and a huge sacrifice for the two of us, but we are definitely seeing our hard work and sacrifice turn into things that are honorable. I am so grateful to a Father in Heaven who has been watching out for me and guiding me down this path! He definitely knows whats best for me and my little family, and I hope now that school is finished Eric and I can begin the next chapter of our lives and be able to expand our family by two feet soon! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Graduation and Hale Visit

Well by now you all know, I graduated from the University of South Alabama with my Bachelor's in Nursing on July 26!!!! It was a surreal day to be walking across that stage again, but it was exciting to have Eric by my side. I was so blessed to have my in-laws Van and Susan fly in for my graduation. They also got to stay for a whole week with us!

We did so many fun things while they were here. We ate at some of our favorite local southern spots, went to the movies and saw Wolverine, went for morning runs, went shopping in Fairhope at the boutiques tasting every flavor olive oil and vinegar there is, fishing, delta airboat ride, tour of the USS Alabama Battleship, and spent a full day in Gulf Shores at the beach and farmer's market. We were sad for Van and Susan to leave but are trying to plan a trip for us to see then around Christmas time! 

Eric escorting me across the stage

With Van and Susan

With the Winberg Family

With my biggest cheerleader! I would not have made it through without him!

My Graduating Class of Accelerated BSN students! Many long days and nights spent with these friends! So happy we all graduated together! I'm really going to miss seeing some of them every day!

On the pier in Daphne looking at crabs with Van

Eric and I on our very early morning delta airboat tour!

Susan and Van on the tour! Wind blown and all!

One of the many alligators we spotted on the tour! This was a 10 footer. We got a very detailed education on alligators and birds in the delta! It was awesome!

The view on the way back to the dock. Not a bad way to start the morning.

On the tip top of the Battleship. By this point I think we were all melting it was so hot and humid that day, and we had just climbed what seemed to be 40 flights of stairs
, and Susan had bonked her head on a tiny metal doorway, but we all have our smiles on.

Van and Susan in Gulf Shores

Outside Mary Anne's where we had lunch in Fairhope

Downtown Fairhope

The men fishing off the pier in Fairhope. We got caught in a bad thunderstorm and got drenched, but we had a fun night drying off eating pizza and watching movies.

We already miss mama Susan and Papa Van!!!!! Hope we see you soon!